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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hair Dilemmas

So, early yesterday during the day Yaya asked if I could re-flatten her edges because they were messy. (I normally only give her 1 heat pass a month!) I told her fine, but that I am not doing it late. All day, I kept telling her let’s fix her hair…all day she kept telling me one of her famous sayings, “HOLD ON”! Well, what do you know…here comes bedtime along with little Miss “DRAMA” Tween flipping out because I won’t fix her hair! By this time, I was already drained from the day and in serious pain from my knee. (Have a bad knee!) Her dad tells her to stop working herself up because she had all day to get it fixed and that I was going to bed and I was in pain. She was NOT trying to hear it! So, me trying to be nice while in A LOT of pain, I said Yaya let’s try and wrap your hair?! *SIGH*…here we go again with the “DRAMA”, NO! It won’t work! I want you to do it now! I said goodnight! :o) Her dad told her he was going to wake her up early in the morning before school so I can fix her hair. Well, he tried! She was tired and didn’t want to wake up. So when she did finally wake up…she ended up not having enough time for me to fix it like she wanted before school. SMH…

          Am I the only one that has a “Drama Tween” with hair dilemmas?!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is a place where we can express ourselves artistically as a tween as well as a parent. A world controlled by parents but beautifully expressed by the drama of a tween. Where day to day topics get addressed like what tweens are wearing, independence, natural hair care, school and lots of other topics. We can help each other find out the ways to encourage a tween to slowly "take over" hair care and ways to motivate them to clean their room when it gets destroyed. We can discuss methods to stop the ongoing battle between the tween and parent. We will build together a place to express ourselves in a manner that both tween and parent can understand. So let’s begin our journey…… Registered & Protected