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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Does this look like the face of a troublemaker?

She get's us everytime! LOL...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yaya's Lunchbox: Ground Beef Empanadas

Does your kid hate school lunch?! My daughter absolutely HATES school lunch she says! Lol...
She's been taking her own lunch to school since...kindergarten I believe! Yeah...I had to think about that for a second, lol. She's had school lunch a few times in between, but those few times she was not happy with it. We've always gotten her lunchables, made her different sandwiches, added the random little sides to go with them etc…

Well, she’s soon to be 11yrs old and she’s SICK OF IT she says, lol. My baby is growing up and is tired of the same’ol things in her lunch box. *SIGH*…So, guess it’s time this mami gets her creative gears running! Lol…

The other day I found some GOYA Empanada Discos in the back of my freezer. Man, I don’t know any Spanish person that don’t keep at least one pack of these in their freezer, lol. So anyways, I pulled them out because I had some leftover ground beef I had made. I figured, why not make them, freeze them and make them for Yaya in the mornings for her to take to lunch if she wants one. I got to say, that worked out great because she ended up wanting TWO for lunch! J

Why didn’t I think of this before?! I can stuff any kind of filling in those things! Lol…

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free Kindle/ Kindle Fire Books!

Do you or your kiddies have a Kindle or a Kindle Fire? Are they always asking for new books?! Don't want to add your credit card and risk the possibility of your kiddies accidentally buying all kinds of books! Well I found the Best Way to Setup Kindle Fire for Kids! My daughter and I both have a Kindle Fire, but I did not want her to be able to get a hold of the books that I read. So I searched for a while and found Best Way to Setup Kindle Fire for Kids! This definitely works! I made her, her own Amazon account following the steps in on the website. Now I don’t have to worry about her charging up my card.

I also showed her about Pixel of Ink - Young Edition which always has free children’s and young adults books. My daughter has so many books on her kindle already just from this site. They also have Pixel of Ink for us adults or parents! I like the fact that they have two separate sites. I too have so MANY books that I’ve gotten for free. Check it out if you, your kids or someone you know has a kindle/ kindle fire. I know we love POI! J  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Treasured Moments!

 Today marks 1yr since my hubby's safe return home from his 1yr long deployment to Afghanistan away from us!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


*SIGH*…Yes we are there! We (my hubby & I) stood up with Yaya until about 11pm maybe even later. This is REDICULOS! We’ve been having such a hard time with her and her homework this school year. We have been to school a few times already to help and talk with teachers. This ongoing struggle with homework is just really getting so tiring. There are quite a few things that have contributed to this struggle, but when is it ENOUGH?! We’re getting tired and so is she!

The Math, ok…we have always known she struggled in that area. But, when every other subject that she used to get A’s and B’s in is going downhill…that’s just CRAZY! She has been so unmotivated it’s not even funny. She seriously does not do well with change! L (I will get into that in another post!)

Yaya, had a very thin book to read about slavery that she had to write a paragraph about. Since she did not want to write the paragraph, she took FOREVERRR to read this little book. She’s good with reading, but she just did not want to do the work. So, we (hubby & I) sat down and told her to read it to us to help motivate her. That helped for a little bit, but she kept talking so much in between that she was getting tired. SMH… So, I offered to read the other ½ of the book to her. Hey! Whatever will help, right?! Ok…after forever we finished the book and on to writing the paragraph. She still talked, but it done finally…I think it was maybe around 9pm when she supposedly started around 5pm. SMH…

Math homework…hubby helped her with that! It was finished maybe around 9:45 – 10pm. Tell me WHY she waited to tell us last minute that she also had a vocabulary packet to finish or do because she was supposed to do it in class and never did and it was now due in the morning! O_O ARE YOU CRAZY KID?!!! *SIGH*……… So here we are tired, upset, aggravated etc… WOOSAA!!! Ok...fine...whatever...let’s do this!

Slavery book, paragraph, 2 math sheets and 12 vocabulary pages from the packet later O_O, yes you read right! 11pm still tired, even more upset, and aggravated, everyone finally to bed. Morning - CRANKY KID!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Re-Useable Creamer Bottle!

So, I must admit...I'm addicted to pinterest! HAHA! I am ALWAYS on there...seriously! I came across two post a while suggested re-using your ketchup bottle as a pancake dispenser and the other suggested re-using your coffee creamer bottles to store sugar, dry beans, snacks etc... So, I didn't have a ketchup bottle to re-use so since we stay using creamer in this house I re-used that. I love it! I told Yaya that this way would be easy enough for her to even make her own pancakes on the skillet.

What do think?! :o)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Surprise! Suprise! Babies Maybe?!

My heart stopped the other night when I looked in our tank and saw that “Jewels” our very pretty Jewel Cichlid had a very strange white stringy substance hanging out of her. I called the hubby and Yaya over to come take a look because I had never seen this before. At first we thought it was poop, but their poop is brown not white, right?! (Sorry don’t mean to be gross, lol)

I decided to research this because this was definitely strange and we started thinking something was seriously wrong with “Jewels”. (Yaya names all the fish! Lol) after researching a little bit, we actually started thinking that it was parasites. OMG! Eww…I’ve never seen this before. Yaya, said maybe Jewels is having a baby! Al my hubby and I said no it can’t be because we never seen Cichlids have them like this before. We have African Cichlids as well and they have never done this, they are what you call Mouth Brooders and you can tell they are pregnant because they have them in their mouth. So, the hubby told us we'll wait until the morning and see what happens with "Jewels" and see if she is still the same way. If she is we will just take her out so she doesn't get all the other fish sick. O.k we said...sounds like a plan.

Here comes the next morning, I anxiously run to the tank because I am now worried about all of our pretty fish especially “Jewels”. O_O UMM…BABE, I yell. That white stringy parasite looking thing with a small sack in it is gone and…well…Jewels gave birth! YUP! You heard right! Yaya was right about Jewels being a mommy! Research showed Jewel Cichlids lay their babies on surface by releasing a sack.

Jewels (mom), watching over her babies there on the bottom right! J
The babies are microscopic and stick to the rocks for about 4days until they begin to swim and explore.

Toad (dad), watching over his babies on the 4th day (today) they are begingin to swim and explore.

Mom “Jewels”  (bottom) & Dad “Toad” (top) guarding and watching over their babies on 4th day (today) as they swim around. J

We think there are possibly 50+ babies in the tank along with all our other fish. We will be donating them to the pet store when they are big enough so they can put them up for adoption! J

Friday, February 17, 2012

D.I.Y Pillow/ Pet Bed

Our poor little doggies have DESTROYED their beds already. We've been feeling so bad for them lately because the insides are coming out of their bed and we've washed it so many times already that there is just no help for it anymore. We went shopping around for doggy beds and umm...well $30 is isane for just one. So, Yaya decided that we should try a family D.I.Y project and make our presious doggies one for cheaper.
We got the pillow from walmart for about $5 and the two fleece blankets at Big Lots for $3 each.

We laid out the blankets and measured and cut the amount of space we wanted around the pillow.

We cut strips around the entire thing about 6' - 7'inches long and the with was just a little wider than a 12' ruler. 

Yaya took off on us at this point! So, the hubby and I did the tieing and knotting that she so desperately wanted to do but didn't, lol. We tied and knotted once fairly tight on 3 of the sides. On one of the shorter ends we loosely tied and knotted once, so that way when it's time to wash we can easily undo one end.

I forgot to shut the flash off, but the doggies (Poochie & Pixie) seem to be enjoying their new pillow bed. Oh! and Yaya showed up for pics! Lol... Our little princess Pixie seems to love her pink side best though! lol...

We made it this size beacuse they always end up snuggling together, but later on Pixie took it over and wasn't trying to share with Poochie. Lol So...with the extra fleece we have left over we are just going to buy another pillow and make another one. So, that would be 2 pillow beds for $22! J
Definitely better than $30 for just 1!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Yaya before school w/ her Valentines gift!

Busch Gardens/ Birthday!

So, Sunday was my birthday and Yaya and the hubby decided that we should spend the day hanging out at Busch Gardens since we've never been. We had a great time just the 3 of us although it was FREEZING cold here in FL. Yes, people it gets cold out here too! Us being from NY never thought it would get cold in FL, but it sure does lol... We went to Busch Gardens in sweaters and ended up buying gloves and scarves over there! O_O Do you know how much gloves and scarves cost at an amusement park?! smh... TOO MUCH! But, if you're freezing you really don't care! Lol... But, it was great time and we saw lots of cool looking animals, people, rides, characters etc... Anywho, we just wanted to share some pics of our day...hope you enjoy! :o)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hygiene/ Skincare Talk With Tweens

          Whether you’re aware of it or not, your tweens are paying attention to your beauty and skincare routines. Some tweens may be a little shy about asking questions when it comes to these topics.
          At this time in a tweens young life, they still have the nice smooth baby butt skin on their face, but pretty soon pimples and blackheads will start appearing. Those sweat glands will be kicking in overdrive and become more potent. This would be a good time to start showing your tweens a few things you do.
          I personally try and make it a little fun and interesting for my daughter by having a home spa day for the both of us. She loves this! Also, this is a time for us to have our mother/ daughter bonding time! ;o) I show her my skincare routine and let her know how important it is to keep your skin clean. Yaya breaks out with little whiteheads here and there every once in a while and was a little concerned with them and wanted a face wash of her own. So, being that she still has young sensitive skin we decided to go with the Aveeno (active naturals) skin care line cleansing wash and moisturizing lotion (spf 15). We really like it a lot…it’s gently on the skin!
          Another topic I try and bring up with her is a bout feminine hygiene and antiperspirant/ deodorants. This is the time to talk to your tweens about menstruation if you haven’t already and introduce your tweens to the different types of sanitary napkins and deodorants and explain what they do for you. I personally have had these talks with my daughter at an early age and whenever she comes to me with questions.  I let her pick out a deodorant... (Teen Spirit) she likes it because they come in different scents like pink crush, sweet strawberry etc…so that makes her want to use them even more.  
          If you find yourself having a hard time talking to your tweens, then you might want to check out some books to help you out.

What are some ways and things you do to keep your tweens informed about hygiene and skincare?!

Monday, February 6, 2012

When Can I start Wearing Makeup?!

One of the many dreadful questions your “Tweens” will ask! *SIGH*…
Yesterday, before we left to my sister’s to watch the Super Bowl Yaya and I were sitting peacefully searching through listings of a possible house to buy. Then out of nowhere she busted out with, “When Can I Start Wearing Makeup?!” O.O I held my breathe in shock and did not say a word thinking, WHAT?! Then managed to ask her why? She said, well…can I start wearing makeup in middle school?! All my friends are starting to wear it now in the 5th grade, she says.
I’m still trying to process the fact that my baby will be 11 yrs. old next month! And, umm…can we just get through the 5th grade first please?! Why is this happening so quickly?! Maybe it’s not?! :o/ Maybe I’m just secretly wanting her to stay “my baby” even though she’s really her “Papi’s (daddy’s) baby”. *SIGH*…please excuse the “freak out” session that’s going on in my head! :o/
So…yeah…I never answered her after that! Haha…I brushed it off, hoping she would forget! Lol…And…I WAS WRONG! *sigh* before we left the house she put on pink lipstick with a clear lip gloss on top. Papi, made her wipe it off agreeing to let her put very little of the clear one on since we were just going to my sister’s house. On the ride there, she hesitantly asked again because she was scared of what Papi would say probably because of him interrogating her the other day. Here take a look! Lol..

(What's up with the pink lipstick, nail polish and smell good products in your back pack?!)
Mind you, that day when I picked her up from the bustop, her lips were POPPING and she was smelling GOOD! :o/

Back to the car! He told her to speak up and say what’s on her mind. So she said, Can I Wear Makeup In Middle School?! Papi had kind of the same reaction I did, but he told her that we need to slow down a little and take this one day at a time. He said when you start middle school we will see how things go and we will go from there. We don't want you trying to go overboard or anything. smh...(this girl is growing up!)

Let me just say, we have allowed her for a while now to wear the little cute smelly chap sticks and stuff, and we do allow her to paint her nails and she does have makeup that she is allowed to put on when she is home to play with and has always washed her face when it is time to go out in public. We do not let her step one foot out with eye shadow or blush etc...

Although, she does wear mascara! Clear mascara that is! She has been for maybe 2yrs now. This is ONLY because her eyelashes are insane and go everywhere, not even an eyelash curler can help the poor girl. She would cry that they bother her, poke her in the eye, rub on them and even pull them out. I remember the day I thought, man...I'm gonna have to get this girl some mascara. I cringed! But, I went on the only mission looking for "clear mascara". I didn't even know it existed, but I figured I if they had blue then maybe just maybe someone decided to make clear, lol. I found it at Walgreen's! ;o)

I only have one kid and she makes me want to pull my hair out. I don't know how some of you do it with more?! Lol...smh...My sister has two girls and I see all the craziness they put her through all I do is pray for her and for me! LOL...

What do you think is a good age or when did you let your Tweens start wearing makeup?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Breakfast

Random Breakfast

So, this morning before school Yaya decided she wanted to have left over Pepperoni Pizza & Ice cream cake for breakfast. LOL… I stared in confusion at first, and then said…umm…you know we have actual “Breakfast” food here, right?! Lol… She then says to me, Who says Pizza and Ice cream can’t be eaten at breakfast time?! O_o   O…K… kid, knock yourself out I said! LOL…

What are some random stuff your “tweens” have had for breakfast?!