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Friday, February 17, 2012

D.I.Y Pillow/ Pet Bed

Our poor little doggies have DESTROYED their beds already. We've been feeling so bad for them lately because the insides are coming out of their bed and we've washed it so many times already that there is just no help for it anymore. We went shopping around for doggy beds and umm...well $30 is isane for just one. So, Yaya decided that we should try a family D.I.Y project and make our presious doggies one for cheaper.
We got the pillow from walmart for about $5 and the two fleece blankets at Big Lots for $3 each.

We laid out the blankets and measured and cut the amount of space we wanted around the pillow.

We cut strips around the entire thing about 6' - 7'inches long and the with was just a little wider than a 12' ruler. 

Yaya took off on us at this point! So, the hubby and I did the tieing and knotting that she so desperately wanted to do but didn't, lol. We tied and knotted once fairly tight on 3 of the sides. On one of the shorter ends we loosely tied and knotted once, so that way when it's time to wash we can easily undo one end.

I forgot to shut the flash off, but the doggies (Poochie & Pixie) seem to be enjoying their new pillow bed. Oh! and Yaya showed up for pics! Lol... Our little princess Pixie seems to love her pink side best though! lol...

We made it this size beacuse they always end up snuggling together, but later on Pixie took it over and wasn't trying to share with Poochie. Lol So...with the extra fleece we have left over we are just going to buy another pillow and make another one. So, that would be 2 pillow beds for $22! J
Definitely better than $30 for just 1!


  1. This is a great DIY project, will definitely have to keep it in mind for our dog.

  2. Thanks beautiful and easy