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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


*SIGH*…Yes we are there! We (my hubby & I) stood up with Yaya until about 11pm maybe even later. This is REDICULOS! We’ve been having such a hard time with her and her homework this school year. We have been to school a few times already to help and talk with teachers. This ongoing struggle with homework is just really getting so tiring. There are quite a few things that have contributed to this struggle, but when is it ENOUGH?! We’re getting tired and so is she!

The Math, ok…we have always known she struggled in that area. But, when every other subject that she used to get A’s and B’s in is going downhill…that’s just CRAZY! She has been so unmotivated it’s not even funny. She seriously does not do well with change! L (I will get into that in another post!)

Yaya, had a very thin book to read about slavery that she had to write a paragraph about. Since she did not want to write the paragraph, she took FOREVERRR to read this little book. She’s good with reading, but she just did not want to do the work. So, we (hubby & I) sat down and told her to read it to us to help motivate her. That helped for a little bit, but she kept talking so much in between that she was getting tired. SMH… So, I offered to read the other ½ of the book to her. Hey! Whatever will help, right?! Ok…after forever we finished the book and on to writing the paragraph. She still talked, but it done finally…I think it was maybe around 9pm when she supposedly started around 5pm. SMH…

Math homework…hubby helped her with that! It was finished maybe around 9:45 – 10pm. Tell me WHY she waited to tell us last minute that she also had a vocabulary packet to finish or do because she was supposed to do it in class and never did and it was now due in the morning! O_O ARE YOU CRAZY KID?!!! *SIGH*……… So here we are tired, upset, aggravated etc… WOOSAA!!! Ok...fine...whatever...let’s do this!

Slavery book, paragraph, 2 math sheets and 12 vocabulary pages from the packet later O_O, yes you read right! 11pm still tired, even more upset, and aggravated, everyone finally to bed. Morning - CRANKY KID!



  1. OMGoodness! 11pm??? Absolutely ridiculous!!! Are there any other parents complaining about this? Is there a way for her teacher to cut back on the amount of homework? Have you spoken to the principal? Poor child! I hope this gets better.

  2. Unfortunately, it is Yaya with her procrastination! We moved last March from another state having to stick her in a school to finish up the 4th grade and then she started the 5th grade in another school. She does not do well with change at all! These are the effects of transitioning out of the military. I will be doing a post about this whole transition soon.
    Thanks so much for commenting! Trust me we really hope this gets better too!

  3. Do they offer tutoring? Has she been tested for A.D.D? Since your move is the education standard higher where you are now?

  4. Sounds rough on you all :( I hope things get better for Yaya and the family

  5. Yeah her school offers it only after school, but we only have one car right now because we sold the other before moving so unfortunately we are unable to put her in it. And yes, she was tested for all of that in the past she just suffers from Anxiety and Separation Anxiety real bad.

  6. Omg Melly, this is like reading about my son! We moved when my oldest was smack dab in the middle of 3rd grade (doing phenomenally well might I add). When he started at the new school in the middle of the school year, they were a month ahead in curriculum, because they start school a month before the previous district we were in. He was lost and unmotivated and just depressed. His grades really suffered and it has been a CONSTANT struggle ever since. He's now in 5th grade and we have to stay ON HIM. He just rushes through everything and does a mediocre job on his work because he wants to be DONE. I guess it's the opposite of your daughter who procrastinates. Anyway, I didn't mean to write a book but I FEEL YOUR PAIN! It's crazy :/

  7. Tav, Thanks so much for writting! It definitely has been a CONSTANT struggle. Yaya, used to be an A/B student before all of this transition. She also sometimes just rushes through her work without taking the time to make sure that its correct. I can honestly say that this move has been tough on the whole family. I guess this happens quite a bit to some people who move, because my sister said that my nieces and nephews experienced a little of the same too when they all moved to a different state as well. We are just hoping this next school year goes a lot smoother! :o/