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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hygiene/ Skincare Talk With Tweens

          Whether you’re aware of it or not, your tweens are paying attention to your beauty and skincare routines. Some tweens may be a little shy about asking questions when it comes to these topics.
          At this time in a tweens young life, they still have the nice smooth baby butt skin on their face, but pretty soon pimples and blackheads will start appearing. Those sweat glands will be kicking in overdrive and become more potent. This would be a good time to start showing your tweens a few things you do.
          I personally try and make it a little fun and interesting for my daughter by having a home spa day for the both of us. She loves this! Also, this is a time for us to have our mother/ daughter bonding time! ;o) I show her my skincare routine and let her know how important it is to keep your skin clean. Yaya breaks out with little whiteheads here and there every once in a while and was a little concerned with them and wanted a face wash of her own. So, being that she still has young sensitive skin we decided to go with the Aveeno (active naturals) skin care line cleansing wash and moisturizing lotion (spf 15). We really like it a lot…it’s gently on the skin!
          Another topic I try and bring up with her is a bout feminine hygiene and antiperspirant/ deodorants. This is the time to talk to your tweens about menstruation if you haven’t already and introduce your tweens to the different types of sanitary napkins and deodorants and explain what they do for you. I personally have had these talks with my daughter at an early age and whenever she comes to me with questions.  I let her pick out a deodorant... (Teen Spirit) she likes it because they come in different scents like pink crush, sweet strawberry etc…so that makes her want to use them even more.  
          If you find yourself having a hard time talking to your tweens, then you might want to check out some books to help you out.

What are some ways and things you do to keep your tweens informed about hygiene and skincare?!


  1. My daughter is 7, so we havent crossed that bridge yet..thank goodness! But I have younger sisters and my mom is sooo old fashion she wont really talk about it. So she leaves it to me :/ I have had this type of talk with them and to this day I do their facial, nails, and hair LOL, they know the routine, and can easily do it themselves. But I dont complain, it gives them an excuse to come to my place and have girly time.

  2. Girl time is always fun! Gives us a chance to pamper ourselves!  I too have a younger sister. Younger sisters look up to their big sisters, so it's cool that you help them out with facials, nails and hair!  I know my sister is always calling on me for advice and beauty tips!