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Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Breakfast

Random Breakfast

So, this morning before school Yaya decided she wanted to have left over Pepperoni Pizza & Ice cream cake for breakfast. LOL… I stared in confusion at first, and then said…umm…you know we have actual “Breakfast” food here, right?! Lol… She then says to me, Who says Pizza and Ice cream can’t be eaten at breakfast time?! O_o   O…K… kid, knock yourself out I said! LOL…

What are some random stuff your “tweens” have had for breakfast?!


  1. I'm the Mean Mom from Mommy Rantings who makes her children eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast every day (we do, of course, have Breakfast for Dinner some nights), but I want my kids to start the day out healthy. Now, once in a blue moon, when I don't have the energy to stand on my pedestal and shout the rules, they might sneak something else. :)

    Your daughter is beautiful! You'll have to check out my daughter here:

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  2. I hear that! I am all about eating healthy and we have also done the "breakfast for dinner" too! Although, my daughter is VERY picky on what she eats. She gets that from her dad! It drives me NUTS! Lol... But, yeah I guess she was just in a weird mood that morning to make her want to have pizza & ice cream cake.

    Your daughter is very beautiful as well! :o)

    Thanks for commenting! :o)

  3. We eat breakfast for dinner too LMAO, on my kids birthday they get to choose whatever they want to eat. N typically starts off with candy then chips smh, but you only see your bday once a year :) You have a wonderful blog! Im your first follower Yipee!!
    But thanks for checking out KandyLandKurls

    Be Blessed,
    Kandy :)

  4. Candy and chips is always nice on their special day! Lol...I'm planning on making or "trying" to make Cake Batter Pankcakes for Yaya's bday next month. Hope they come out as good as they look though! Lol...

    Thanks for coming by! :D YAY I have a follower!!! Lol...

  5. I can't say much about this because I am not a big "breakfast" food eater. Although pizza is not terribly unhealthy if it is homemade since it does incorporate numerous food groups. I also think once in a blue moon is okay as long as she knows that it is not an everyday thing, something for breakfast is better than nothing for breakfast.

  6. Yeah...that's true! Once in a blue wouldn't hurt! :o)