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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Surprise! Suprise! Babies Maybe?!

My heart stopped the other night when I looked in our tank and saw that “Jewels” our very pretty Jewel Cichlid had a very strange white stringy substance hanging out of her. I called the hubby and Yaya over to come take a look because I had never seen this before. At first we thought it was poop, but their poop is brown not white, right?! (Sorry don’t mean to be gross, lol)

I decided to research this because this was definitely strange and we started thinking something was seriously wrong with “Jewels”. (Yaya names all the fish! Lol) after researching a little bit, we actually started thinking that it was parasites. OMG! Eww…I’ve never seen this before. Yaya, said maybe Jewels is having a baby! Al my hubby and I said no it can’t be because we never seen Cichlids have them like this before. We have African Cichlids as well and they have never done this, they are what you call Mouth Brooders and you can tell they are pregnant because they have them in their mouth. So, the hubby told us we'll wait until the morning and see what happens with "Jewels" and see if she is still the same way. If she is we will just take her out so she doesn't get all the other fish sick. O.k we said...sounds like a plan.

Here comes the next morning, I anxiously run to the tank because I am now worried about all of our pretty fish especially “Jewels”. O_O UMM…BABE, I yell. That white stringy parasite looking thing with a small sack in it is gone and…well…Jewels gave birth! YUP! You heard right! Yaya was right about Jewels being a mommy! Research showed Jewel Cichlids lay their babies on surface by releasing a sack.

Jewels (mom), watching over her babies there on the bottom right! J
The babies are microscopic and stick to the rocks for about 4days until they begin to swim and explore.

Toad (dad), watching over his babies on the 4th day (today) they are begingin to swim and explore.

Mom “Jewels”  (bottom) & Dad “Toad” (top) guarding and watching over their babies on 4th day (today) as they swim around. J

We think there are possibly 50+ babies in the tank along with all our other fish. We will be donating them to the pet store when they are big enough so they can put them up for adoption! J


  1. Congrats on being a Grandma!!! Well aort of...J/k hahahaha

  2. Noo... haha...I literally LOL'D! Thanks! :o)

  3. that is so cool.congrats. followed you hope you can follow me

  4. Thanks so much, brittany! It is definately interesting to watch. We are thinking of setting up a new tank now because there are way too many fish in there now. Toad (DAD) wants the entire tank for him and his family, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by! We love following you! :o)