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Monday, February 6, 2012

When Can I start Wearing Makeup?!

One of the many dreadful questions your “Tweens” will ask! *SIGH*…
Yesterday, before we left to my sister’s to watch the Super Bowl Yaya and I were sitting peacefully searching through listings of a possible house to buy. Then out of nowhere she busted out with, “When Can I Start Wearing Makeup?!” O.O I held my breathe in shock and did not say a word thinking, WHAT?! Then managed to ask her why? She said, well…can I start wearing makeup in middle school?! All my friends are starting to wear it now in the 5th grade, she says.
I’m still trying to process the fact that my baby will be 11 yrs. old next month! And, umm…can we just get through the 5th grade first please?! Why is this happening so quickly?! Maybe it’s not?! :o/ Maybe I’m just secretly wanting her to stay “my baby” even though she’s really her “Papi’s (daddy’s) baby”. *SIGH*…please excuse the “freak out” session that’s going on in my head! :o/
So…yeah…I never answered her after that! Haha…I brushed it off, hoping she would forget! Lol…And…I WAS WRONG! *sigh* before we left the house she put on pink lipstick with a clear lip gloss on top. Papi, made her wipe it off agreeing to let her put very little of the clear one on since we were just going to my sister’s house. On the ride there, she hesitantly asked again because she was scared of what Papi would say probably because of him interrogating her the other day. Here take a look! Lol..

(What's up with the pink lipstick, nail polish and smell good products in your back pack?!)
Mind you, that day when I picked her up from the bustop, her lips were POPPING and she was smelling GOOD! :o/

Back to the car! He told her to speak up and say what’s on her mind. So she said, Can I Wear Makeup In Middle School?! Papi had kind of the same reaction I did, but he told her that we need to slow down a little and take this one day at a time. He said when you start middle school we will see how things go and we will go from there. We don't want you trying to go overboard or anything. smh...(this girl is growing up!)

Let me just say, we have allowed her for a while now to wear the little cute smelly chap sticks and stuff, and we do allow her to paint her nails and she does have makeup that she is allowed to put on when she is home to play with and has always washed her face when it is time to go out in public. We do not let her step one foot out with eye shadow or blush etc...

Although, she does wear mascara! Clear mascara that is! She has been for maybe 2yrs now. This is ONLY because her eyelashes are insane and go everywhere, not even an eyelash curler can help the poor girl. She would cry that they bother her, poke her in the eye, rub on them and even pull them out. I remember the day I thought, man...I'm gonna have to get this girl some mascara. I cringed! But, I went on the only mission looking for "clear mascara". I didn't even know it existed, but I figured I if they had blue then maybe just maybe someone decided to make clear, lol. I found it at Walgreen's! ;o)

I only have one kid and she makes me want to pull my hair out. I don't know how some of you do it with more?! Lol...smh...My sister has two girls and I see all the craziness they put her through all I do is pray for her and for me! LOL...

What do you think is a good age or when did you let your Tweens start wearing makeup?


  1. Hmmm, I like you let my 11 year old wear chap stick and nail polish. I am also not ready for this debate like you. I am thankful my daughter's school doesn't allow makeup (including nail polish) to be worn at all, well with the exception of Halloween. I have also tried to build up the fact that she doesn't need it, I don't wear makeup often myself and when I do it is not a lot. Thankful for having the ability to be able to do that.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Michelle! :o)
    That's good that your daughter's school does not allow makeup! I sure hope my daughter's school doesn't allow it either! I would not see how they could, being that it's an elementary school. But, yeah...I always try to let my daughter know that she does not need it. When she is playing with it or watching me put some on, I try to show her the proper way of putting it on so that the day she actually does start wearing it, she is not walking around with it caked on you know.

  3. I would consider it in highschool but only during certain events (prom) for example. I played around with makeup in H.S but as adult I wear it only on certain occasions. I would ask her why does she feel she needs it? Yaya is gorgeous!! (maybe her peers arent lmao) But she doesnt need not one drop :)
    btw...I LOVE papi's reaction!!!

  4. I have a 15 year old, a 12 year old and a 2 year old... ALL GIRLS!! To school, the oldest two wear lip gloss and nail polish (with color)... Because of me... Daddy doesn't agree at all.. He says chapstick and CLEAR polish is enough!! LOL... I do think that babies want to grow up entirely too fast now. There are times when I'll let them play in my makeup for pictures WITH ME... But, never do I let them leave the house with it... I just don't think it's important at this time in their lives. School is for learning, not a fashion show, IMHO. :)

    Great post!! Got me thinking over here!!


  5. Lol...that is too funny! (maybe her peers aren't!) And thank you! :o) I am always telling her when she plays with makeup...just a little bit not a lot ok, lol. And yeah...I just had to take a pic of was too funny! Only way he got her to really hear him! Haha..