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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yaya's Lunchbox: Ground Beef Empanadas

Does your kid hate school lunch?! My daughter absolutely HATES school lunch she says! Lol...
She's been taking her own lunch to school since...kindergarten I believe! Yeah...I had to think about that for a second, lol. She's had school lunch a few times in between, but those few times she was not happy with it. We've always gotten her lunchables, made her different sandwiches, added the random little sides to go with them etc…

Well, she’s soon to be 11yrs old and she’s SICK OF IT she says, lol. My baby is growing up and is tired of the same’ol things in her lunch box. *SIGH*…So, guess it’s time this mami gets her creative gears running! Lol…

The other day I found some GOYA Empanada Discos in the back of my freezer. Man, I don’t know any Spanish person that don’t keep at least one pack of these in their freezer, lol. So anyways, I pulled them out because I had some leftover ground beef I had made. I figured, why not make them, freeze them and make them for Yaya in the mornings for her to take to lunch if she wants one. I got to say, that worked out great because she ended up wanting TWO for lunch! J

Why didn’t I think of this before?! I can stuff any kind of filling in those things! Lol…


  1. We got some in the freezer too! LMAO Im glad she enjoyed her new lunch :)

  2. Haha...hey those are emergency back up's! LOL... She sure did enjoy them! I'm planning on making some w/ different filling next time. Hmm...we'll see what I come up with next! lol