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Friday, March 16, 2012

Yaya's Lunchbox: Cheese & Crackers!

Can you believe we all forgot about Yaya's lunch last night! We were so tired that we did not even think about it. We've just been so busy lately! :/

Anywho, early this morning I told Yaya that we forgot to come up with something for her lunch. So, I tell her to just eat school lunch today because I did not get a chance to go food shopping yet. O_o Well, if you remember a previous post I did, she HATES school lunch! Hahaha... Hey, I figured I try right! Lol... That girl will do just about anything to NOT eat school lunch at all.

So, she pulls out the crackers and then ask if I can cut up some of the sharp cheddar cheese we have. I said sure, I completely forgot that we had that in the fridge. I also grabbed an apple and cut it up in slices for her and sprinled lightly with a bit of cinnamon sugar and gave her a side of Hershey's Syrup Caramel to dip it in. (YUMM... We love apples and caramel! Lol) You know what, that was a quick little lunch we put together in no time. Yaya, can sure eat crackers for days! We always get the Keebler Export Sodas Crackers, we all really love those. Here's a few added pics! :o)

If you have any ideas for lunch, that I can try out with my picky child please let me know?! Lol...


  1. my daughter has to take her lunch due to a food allergy.this is a great post. love it.returning the follow @curlygirlbraidsandmore.
    my daughter has 2 water always stays in the fridge with cold water.she always takes a water bottle with her lunch.brea loves to take pb and j crackers.then a side of a lil cutie orange.

  2. Yaya does not like pb an j, but she does love crackers and she loves jelly! you have me thinking, lol. I wonder if she would like the two together. I haven't bought her cutie oranges in a while, but she has been asking for them lately. Think I should go ahead and get them!

    Thanks for the follow back and comment! :o)