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Monday, April 16, 2012

April Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style

For this month’s Hair Carnival I'm excited to say that I joined up with some great bloggers and we paired up and recreated styles from one another. I had the opportunity to be paired up with a great blog Charlotte's Avenue and decided to do our own rendition on two of their different styles.   

Click for original Braided Bun
I was shocked when Yaya request this style two days in a row. In the top pic she wore it in the middle and in the second pic she wore it on the side. She normally gives me issues when I do a bun on her hair, but she really liked this one because it had a different twist to it. Speaking of twist, we did twist her hair instead of braiding because her hair is thin so twisting it made it look fuller.

Click for original Banana Clip w/ Braided Pompadour.
On this style we didn't have too much time, but since Yaya has bangs we left them out and I didn't realize until after that the pompadour was a little too small. Next time we'll make the pompadour a little bigger. She really enjoyed this style!

Make sure you take a look at all the other styles the rest of the bloggers have done!

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  1. I love buns. YaYa's hair looks great. She chose a good style.

  2. Thanks, ladies! I wanna try it on myself too! lol

  3. VERY CUTE!!! Great renditions!!! :) Those styles were fun for me to do on BB, so I'm glad that you two enjoyed them! :)


  4. Thanks so much! We love you page, girl! I can deff see Yaya and I rockn the bun a lot! :)

  5. The styles are really cute!! Love em!

  6. Cute!! I want to try the banana clip style.

  7. very cute styles!! great choices Yaya!

  8. Cute style, i love braided buns myself

  9. I love buns too, Idk why our girls give us such grief over them! Love that twisty bun :)

  10. @ Tav, idk either! But, I deff think buns are pretty! I think My daughter might have been going through a phase that her hair can only look pretty when down and I try to remind her that, that is not true. She has really been coming up to me now saying she wants buns ever since we did the twisty bun! :o)

    @ Katherine, thank you so much! :o)

  11. I love this!! I love the banana clip one as well - I need to try those again on Q. I didn't have good luck previously. But they always look so neat in pictures!