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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Hairstyle

So, I was playing with Yaya's hair the other night after she washed it. I didn't know what I was going for with here hair, but I added a little bit of ors moisturizing lotion and hair pudding. I ended up parting her hair down the middle and did a couple of zigzag lines although they came out a little uneven because she kept on moving, but she ended up with eight braids, lol.

I just braided them up together for the night still unsure of what it was going to come out like. The next morning, Yaya decided that she wasn't feeling the eight braids I did on her, lol. I kinda figured she wouldn't, lol. So, I fixed them and made it into four instead. She wanted a braidout so that's what she got and I think it came out pretty nice. The pics aren't too good, but it ended up kinda like a nice little fohawk.

Happy Girl! :)

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  1. This hairstyle is super cute!

  2. Thanks, girl! :) We are trying to come up with different styles, lol.